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3 Jun

“Find the passion and purpose in your life…”

2 Jun

“Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.”

1 Jun

My Spirit Book

Originally posted on The Possibility Thinkers Bible: from a Google search (my “filing system to rescue me from sheer utter chaos” – thanks “Big G”)… and I mean God (far more than Google)… but then perhaps I should thank both! Sharing, supporting, informing, enlightening, “entertaining”(??), encouraging, empowering, enriching, challenging, igniting, uplifting (and perhaps even)…

via “Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.” — WHO IS “THE REAL, THE TRUE, THE LIVING” JESUS?

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31 May

Hi Nora

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for your entertainment in social isolation/hibernation

A church has a rat problem
The church doesn’t want to kill the rats so they trap them and release them far away, but the next day they are back.
Next they try ask them politely to leave, still they won’t budge.
Finally the priest has one last idea, he baptized all the rats.
Now they only come at Christmas and Easter.
man walked into a bar. He sat down and asked the bar tender “If I impress you, can I have a free drink?”. The bar tender said sure, so the man reached in his pocket and pulled out a tiny piano. He then pulled out a small rat and set it by the piano. It crawled on to the bench and began playing
music. The bar tender was amazed, so he gave the man a beer. Next, the man said “If I impress you even more, can I have free drinks for life?”. The bar tender didn’t think it was possible, so he agreed. The man pulled a frog out of his pocket, and it began to sing by the piano. The bar tender smiled and told the man that he was impressed. A man in a suit with a cane walked into the bar, saw the small animals, and offered to buy them for $2 million. The owner said no, but he offered to sell the frog for $500k. The rich man agreed, took the frog, and left. The bar tender couldn’t believe the owner just did that and said “Why did you just sell the frog?! There is no singing now!”. The owner laughed and said “Don’t worry; the rat is a ventriloquist!”.

Two professors of economics were walking down a road when they saw a dead rat.
The older one said – “If you eat this, I’ll pay you ₹10,000”. The younger one makes a quick cost-benefit analysis and finally eats the rat.

The younger professor experiences a bad after-taste and wants the older professor to experience the same. When he sees another dead rat on the road, he dares the professor to eat it in exchange for the old ₹10,000. The senior professor, eager to recover his reckless bet, eats it.

After a few minutes of walking silently, the younger professor finally says – “Looks like we’ve been eating dead rats for free.”

The older professor remarks, “But don’t forget we just added ₹ 20,000 to the GDP!”

Thanks for the follow and all the best with your blog

“the totally unmusical pie piper”

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Well my family and friends say I’m “safest” just writing and sharing

Driven to share, uplift, encourage and (perhaps even) inspire

“Live each day as if it’s your last…
and one day you’ll be right!


So it may be better and safer for you following the rats!

Don’t worry about the world ending today…
it’s already tomorrow in scenic and tranquil ‘little’ New Zealand


The only thing I want to say is my mind might get a little off the deep end , that’s ok nora and my mind is a little crazy I don’t think like the normal people nor the other ones .,,My thoughts can drive a person to drinking and my thoughts can turn a drunk man in to a sober man and a normal one crazy,!!!You just got to talk to god and ask him for forgiveness to keep your thoughts clean and your heart keep it opened

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Redeeming Hugs

29 May

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~Dedicated to Claudia and Donna Mae~

Due to the pandemic, my family and I stopped hugging others.  My kids blew kisses to their grandma and many aunties and uncles.  We kept our 6 feet distance and wore cloth masks.  We didn’t spend much time together when there were physical visits.  Many sheltered in place very seriously and we didn’t see them at all.  Amazingly, we adjusted.. or so I thought.


Social distancing has worked to flatten the curve.  We accepted new mandates are made to supposedly protect us.  We are to be obedient to leadership and rules of the lands.  I do also see sides of not wearing masks.  There are views on building immunities.  Lots of people will play it safe until there’s a vaccine, others don’t believe in vaccines.

This blog is not written to begin a debate.  Jesus has called us to be Peacemakers.  I am sharing…

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“If you have hope, let others light a candle to it.”

27 May

Does Liquid Happiness Exist?

26 May


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Teeny Thoughts

Every tongue in the world deserves a toothsome celebration each day. Is that the reason why it was born on the earth? My tongue’s gala seems the most festive when it is soaked with the delicious liquid magic – the hot, dark brown, masala-tinged, tempting aroma spreading TEA.

Each time I deeply inhale the mysterious odor of tea and exhale euphoria,my spectacles mist up. Yes, tea obscures my vision delibrately to make me feel it’s presence impeccably. As I curl my tongue against the tea drops on my lips, the world around me comes to a sudden screeching halt. In a glimpse of time, I’m cut off from what I perceived was real, to enter an alternative dreamy world of pure liquid happiness and warmth. At this point, tea becomes my only reality and tea cup,the sacred place that contains this actuality. Each time it slides down my throat, like…

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