An Earth Day Check in, in the Time of Covid19

23 Apr

Frugalogical Footprints

The world has changed in unimaginable and unrecognisable ways since my last post two months ago. In that time, countless people have passed away, hundreds of millions are sheltering in place, and non-essential businesses have been ordered to close in much of the world. We also ran out of toilet paper…

These are unprecedented times for all, and everyone is trying to do their best to make it through to the other side. In the midst of that, today also marks the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day.

I, like many parents of very young children, am now at home full-time with my partner and children, without any of the usual supports or opportunities to engage in personal pursuits. I’m grateful for their company, but adapting to spending so much time in one space comes with its own learning curve. With this in mind, and in honour of…

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